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A Guide to Climbing Ayers Rock

Monolithic legal battle looms over right to climb Ayers Rock

Climbing Ayers Rock gets featured in today's Australian...

Claims in this article by Sammy Wilson current Chairman of the UKNP that his grandfather Paddy Uluru was intimidated by former NT Ranger Derek are a load of nonsense and an insult to both men. If you read through Roff's account of his time at Uluru between 1968 and 1985 available through the NT Oral History unit, it clearly shows the two held great respect for each other. Roff was pivotal in closing off public access to the men's initiation cave at Paddy's insistence, and for facilitating the return of Aboriginal people to the their traditional lands and was entrusted with Aboriginal sacred artefacts. The cave was much more important to Anangu men than the Climb. Paddy said of the climb "the physical act of climbing was of no cultural interest". He was not the only elder to say so. Tiger Tjalkalyirri was one of the great entertainers at the Rock for many years, he acted as a climbing guide to tourists.…

Climbing Geological Wonders: Myth and superstition are preventing our enjoyment of the natural world.

My Poster on Geotourism presented at The inaugural Australian Geoscience Council Convention, AGCC 2018 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.
Climbing Geological Wonders: Myth and superstition are preventing our enjoyment of the natural world.
Adventure tourism in the form of hiking or climbing geological wonders is an important source of education and inspiration for current and future geo-scientists and interested tourists. Recent proposed bans on accessing important geological features in Australia; Ayers Rock in the Northern Territory, Mt Warning in northern NSW and St Mary's Peak in South Australia's Flinders Ranges, puts this source of wonder, inspiration and education at risk.
Other peaks under threat include:
Mount Tibrogargan and Mount Beerwah - Rhyolite plugs in the Glass House Mtns Qld
Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Range in Western Australia Paleoproterozoic meta-sedimentary basins
Mt Yengo - Basalt capped Mtn in the Cessnock region of NSW

Access to the natural wo…

Remonumenting Ayers Rock

Remonumenting Ayers Rock
Wonderful post by Xnatmapper Paul Wise describing the remonumenting of Ayers Rock in 1970.

Uluru - Ayers Rock Geodetic Trigonometrical Station – its 1970 remonumenting
Members of the 1970 Northern Territory Reserves Board monument construction team work on erecting the summit monument. Left to right George Page-Sharpe, Derek Roff (Head Ranger), Ian Cawood and Darrel Toon.
The Park Board have indicated they intend to remove the monument, chain and 5 memorial plaques from the Rock after the Climb is banned next year. If you care about these important items of Australian Cultural heritage and would prefer that they were left in place, write to your local member or the Prime Minister.

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